To assist in anyway to Unite the Two Sticks of Israel with the guidance
of the Sons of Joseph.

The Six Pointed Star called the Star of David which serves as a historic symbol of Judah. Here is a coin with the “Star” or “Shield” of David.


The eight pointed star serves as a hidden symbol of the Remnants of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

8 pointed star

Now look at the 8 Sided Star hidden without the prominent 6 pointed
star within.

The two Symbols of Israel united on the oldest surviving complete copy of
the Masoretic Text in the world, the Leningrad Codex dated 1008.

The “Shield of Abraham” known as the 8 sided star is hidden outside the “Star of David”. The Remnants of the House of Israel are always present but stay hidden. The Shield of Abraham is the eight sided cube outside the the center “Star of David”. Here the two houses were United.


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